Cryptocurrency Transactions in Casinos

Cryptocurrency Transactions in Casinos

To immerse yourself in the exciting world of online crypto casinos, you will need to equip yourself with cryptocurrency. This guide is intended for beginners in the gambling field, aiming to master cryptocurrency transactions in casinos as a ticket to the thrilling world of online gambling. The primary advantages of using cryptocurrency include the ability to play without verification, ensuring instant payouts and the freedom to access games from anywhere in the world. This opens up new horizons for players in gambling, providing a unique experience and limitless opportunities.

For players from Russia and the CIS countries, one of the most convenient methods of acquiring cryptocurrency is using the BestChange service. This resource offers an effective tool for finding the ideal crypto exchanger, helping you choose the right cryptocurrency and the most convenient payment method. After selecting the appropriate exchanger, you will easily be able to make deposits and withdrawals in the casino. Let’s go through the entire process step-by-step, using the online casino VAVADA as an example.

Visiting the BestChange Website to Purchase Cryptocurrency

Upon visiting the BestChange website, you will encounter a user-friendly homepage. On the left side, there are options for exchange directions, and on the right side, there is an extensive list of exchangers.


Choosing the Exchange Direction

First, pay attention to the left column. Here you need to decide on the payment method for purchasing cryptocurrency. In the “Electronic Money” or “Internet Banking” section, you will find options such as QIWI, Sberbank, Tinkoff, or the option to pay with a bank card, where you can specify the type and currency of the card.

On the right side, at the top of the column, is a list of available cryptocurrencies. You can choose Ethereum (ETH) or other popular options used in crypto casinos, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP), and Tether (USDT). This list will help you navigate the variety of cryptocurrency options.

Choosing the Right Exchanger

After selecting the exchange direction, the right side of the BestChange page will update with a list of available exchangers. By default, they are sorted by rate, with the best offers at the top of the list.

Important Aspects When Choosing an Exchanger

  • Verification: Many exchangers require card verification before conducting exchange operations. If verification is required, a corresponding icon will be next to the exchanger’s name. The presence or absence of this icon will help you understand whether verification is needed.
  • Minimum Application Amount: This parameter is displayed next to the rate and indicates the minimum amount for exchange in traditional currency.
  • Reserve: Shows the amount of cryptocurrency available for purchase at this exchanger. This value is indicated in the selected cryptocurrency.
  • Reviews: The number of positive reviews about the exchanger. BestChange carefully monitors the reputation of exchangers on their site, reducing the risk of fraud. An exchanger with thousands of positive reviews is generally more reliable.

Considering these criteria, you will be able to choose the optimal exchanger for purchasing cryptocurrency for your first deposit in an online casino.

Buying Cryptocurrency and Depositing at the Casino

Buying Cryptocurrency and Depositing at the Casino

First, to obtain the deposit address, register at the VAVADA casino if you haven’t done so yet. After registration and filling in your personal details, go to the main page and click the “Deposit” button. Here you will see a list of cryptocurrencies you can use for transactions in the casino.

The next step is purchasing cryptocurrency. First, choose the cryptocurrency and copy its deposit address from the VAVADA casino website. We recommend our readers use USDT (TRC-20), and we will use this coin as an example. Next, visit the chosen exchanger’s website, where you will need to paste the copied address into the designated field. You will also need to enter your bank card details and the desired purchase amount. Indicate the amount in fiat currency, as this will automatically calculate the corresponding amount of cryptocurrency. Then, provide your email, accept the service terms, and create a purchase request.

The final step is to complete the transaction. Carefully follow the exchanger’s instructions to complete the transaction, usually involving transferring the specified amount to the provided details. In some cases, additional actions may be required, such as specifying a comment for the payment. Once the transaction is complete and receives the necessary confirmations in the blockchain, your deposit will appear in your casino account. The waiting time is usually around 10 minutes but may vary depending on the circumstances.

Top Cryptocurrencies for Casino Deposits

If you want to conduct cryptocurrency transactions in a casino, you need to make a well-considered decision, taking into account the key features of each currency. The right choice can significantly affect your gaming experience. VAVADA supports numerous cryptocurrencies, each with unique features. It is essential to consider factors such as transaction speed, fee size, currency stability, and its popularity among players. It is also crucial to consider overall market trends to ensure your deposit is not only convenient but also beneficial in the long term.

Best Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos

Bitcoin (BTC)Being a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has significant popularity, making it a reliable choice for both beginners and experienced users. This popularity ensures a wide range of buying and selling options, allowing you to easily find favorable exchange rates and minimum transaction amounts. Additionally, numerous reviews and the possibility of verification add an extra layer of security when choosing an exchanger.
Ethereum (ETH)Ethereum, widely known as a platform for decentralized applications, has also established itself as an excellent token for conducting cryptocurrency transactions in casinos. Ethereum is characterized by high transaction speed, making it particularly attractive for quick and efficient financial operations. Moreover, it is available on most exchange services, providing convenience and wide access for users.
Litecoin (LTC)Litecoin is a sort of “lighter” version of Bitcoin, distinguished by faster transactions. This feature makes it particularly appealing for deposits as it combines speed and reliability. Although six confirmations are required for a transaction in the Litecoin network, which is more than Bitcoin, it provides additional security and predictability of the deposit time.
Tether (USDT)Tether is a preferred option for many experienced players due to its stability relative to the US dollar. VAVADA Casino offers two standards of USDT tokens, namely ERC20 and TRC20. USDT on the TRC20 network is more popular due to lower transaction fees. It is essential to choose the same network used in the casino when purchasing USDT, ensuring seamless and efficient financial operations.
TRON (TRX)TRON stands out as one of the preferred options for players on the VAVADA platform due to its unique features and benefits. TRX is known for its high transaction speed and low fees, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficiency and savings when making deposits. Additionally, TRON has a high degree of decentralization and security, providing an extra level of confidence and protection for players.

Withdrawing from Casinos through BestChange

To withdraw funds from an online casino, you will need to return to the exchanger used for purchasing cryptocurrency or utilize the BestChange service to find the optimal exchange rate. It’s essential to remember that a good buying rate doesn’t always correspond to a favorable selling rate, so it’s advisable to carefully study the available options.

Next, choose a suitable exchanger to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat money. This step is similar to purchasing cryptocurrency, but now you need to select the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the method of receiving money, such as a bank card transfer. Be sure to pay attention to user reviews of the exchanger to avoid unreliable services.

The final step is to enter the details for withdrawing funds. In the exchanger, you will need to provide your bank card number where the funds will be credited, as well as the amount you want to withdraw. This amount can be specified in fiat currency or its cryptocurrency equivalent. If the casino, in our case, VAVADA, does not charge a withdrawal fee, you can transfer the entire balance from your account. If you wish to receive a specific amount, consider possible fees and adjust the withdrawal amount accordingly. Don’t forget to enter your email and accept the service terms.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To successfully withdraw cryptocurrency from the VAVADA casino to the exchanger’s address, follow these simple steps:

  • Copy the Exchanger’s Address: On the exchanger’s page, copy the provided address for transferring cryptocurrency.
  • Visit the VAVADA Casino: Log in to your account on the VAVADA website. Go to the “Wallet” section and then “Withdraw.”
  • Prepare for Withdrawal: Ensure the correct cryptocurrency is selected in your balance and change it if necessary. In the “Withdrawal Amount” field, enter the amount corresponding to the one specified in the exchanger. Paste the copied exchanger address in the “Address” field and click “Withdraw.”
  • Confirm Withdrawal: Double-check that you have entered everything correctly and click the “Create Request” button.
  • Automatic Request Processing: After performing the above steps, your withdrawal request will be automatically processed by the VAVADA system. The casino ensures instant withdrawals, guaranteeing the quick transfer of cryptocurrency to the exchanger.
  • Receive Money on Your Bank Card: Once the exchanger confirms receipt of cryptocurrency from VAVADA, they will transfer the money to your card.

Thus, depositing and withdrawing in the casino and exchanging them for fiat money turns out to be quite straightforward and secure. In our example, we detailed the entire process from start to finish in the VAVADA online casino. Overall, our instructions are suitable for almost all online casinos, as the process is practically identical.

Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet

In our review, we have explored various ways to withdraw winnings from crypto casinos through exchangers. Now let’s move on to an alternative method — transferring winnings directly to a cryptocurrency wallet. This approach allows you to retain your cryptocurrency without converting it into traditional currencies, offering additional advantages in terms of security and asset management convenience. Let’s consider the example of Exodus, which is one of the most convenient and secure options available today.

Exodus supports over 250 cryptocurrencies and is compatible with various devices, including mobile phones and computers. One of the wallet’s advantages is the built-in service for exchanging digital assets. This is particularly convenient for those who want to convert their assets into another cryptocurrency. However, it’s worth noting that the exchange rate within the wallet may be less favorable compared to cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Preparing Your Cryptocurrency Wallet for Use

Installing a cryptocurrency wallet on your device begins with downloading the Exodus application to conduct cryptocurrency transactions in the casino. If you are using a computer, visit the official wallet website to download it. For mobile devices, the application is available on Google Play or the App Store.

After successfully installing the wallet, the first step is to record your recovery phrase. This phrase is crucial for your security, allowing you to access your wallet in case of device loss or transferring the wallet to another device. Be cautious, as if your phrase falls into the wrong hands, it gives them full access to your funds. Therefore, pay close attention to the security of this information.

To view your recovery phrase, go to the security settings section of your wallet and select the “Recovery Phrase” or “Backup” option, then click “View.” If you set a password during the initial wallet setup, you will need to enter it to display the phrase. Write it down and store it in a secure location, away from unauthorized access.

Withdrawing from the Casino to the Exodus Wallet

Cryptocurrency transactions in casinos may seem complex, but they are straightforward if you follow a few simple steps. Our guide will help you at first. After 5-10 transactions, you will be able to withdraw money from the casino independently without prompts. To avoid losing this guide, you can bookmark it. For now, let’s continue!

Finding the Required Cryptocurrency

Finding the Required Cryptocurrency

First, check your electronic wallet for the cryptocurrency matching the balance in the casino. If the required currency is not in the list, use the search bar.

Getting the Wallet Address

Getting the Wallet Address

Click on the “Receive” button to initiate the transaction. This action will display your wallet address, which needs to be copied.

Next, go to the VAVADA casino website and log into your profile. Go to the “Wallet” section and select “Withdraw.” Ensure the correct cryptocurrency is selected. If not, change it to the desired one. Enter the desired withdrawal amount in the corresponding field, and paste the copied wallet address in the “Address” field. Click “Create Request” to start the transaction.

Depositing to the Casino from the Exodus Wallet

When you want to return to the game, all you need to do is find the “Deposit” section on the main page or in your casino account. Click on it to get the unique deposit address for your casino account. But first, you need to decide in which cryptocurrency you want to make the deposit.

Next, go to your Exodus cryptocurrency wallet and select the function to send the chosen cryptocurrency, marked as the “Send” button. Copy the casino deposit address and paste it into the corresponding field of your wallet. But if you prefer to play on a computer and your wallet is on a mobile device, don’t worry. You won’t need to enter the deposit address manually. The online casino VAVADA offers a convenient QR code that you can quickly scan with your mobile phone camera, eliminating any possibility of error when entering the address.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, cryptocurrency transactions in casinos are becoming increasingly convenient and accessible. Services like BestChange facilitate finding the most favorable exchange rates, allowing players to manage their funds efficiently and optimize transactions. At the same time, the Exodus wallet offers a reliable and convenient solution for storing cryptocurrency, ensuring quick access to funds and their security. Using these tools significantly simplifies the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies in gambling, making it accessible even for beginners. Thus, the integration of cryptocurrencies in the online casino sphere opens new horizons for players.

F.A.Q. on Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Casino Deposits?

To buy cryptocurrency for casino deposits, you need to choose a reliable crypto exchange or platform. Make sure they support the cryptocurrency accepted by your casino. After registering on the chosen platform, you can buy cryptocurrency using traditional payment methods such as bank transfers or credit cards.

What is BestChange and How to Use It to Buy Cryptocurrency?

BestChange is an online service that helps find the most favorable cryptocurrency exchange rates. You can use it to compare various exchangers and find the best rate for purchasing cryptocurrency needed for casino deposits.

How to Choose the Right Exchanger to Buy Cryptocurrency?

When choosing an exchanger, pay attention to its reputation, exchange rates, fees, and user reviews. It is also important to check if the exchanger supports the cryptocurrency you need and the payment methods you prefer.

Which Cryptocurrencies are Best Suited for Casino Deposits?

The top cryptocurrencies for casino deposits often include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT. These currencies are widely used, highly liquid, and supported by most casinos that accept cryptocurrencies.

What is the Exodus Wallet and How to Use It?

Exodus is a multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to store, send, and receive various types of cryptocurrencies. You can use it to manage your cryptocurrency assets, including making deposits in casinos and withdrawing funds.

Can You Deposit and Withdraw in Casinos Using the Exodus Wallet?

Yes, you can use Exodus to make deposits in casinos. To do this, select the cryptocurrency you want to use in the casino and transfer funds from your Exodus wallet to the address specified by the casino.

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